What I Do

I'm very diverse!


I can provide great quality, affordable design, images and words to ensure that your business looks the business! No job is too small , whether it’s creating a Facebook Fan Page, an A5 Flyer for your Pizza takeaway or just a half-days photoshop work.

I’m proud to have worked with a variety of clients over the last 10 years, from writing press releases to testing 3rd party beta-release websites; I’ve even undertaken jobs as diverse as testing mobile phone vouchers in the field to setting up exhibition stands.

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Who I Am

Lots of experience!


I’m Tom Hill. I qualified as a professional photographer in 1985. It didn’t take long for my photography clients to start asking for photos to display on the internet as opposed to traditional print and brochure output. As a result, in the early 1990′s I started learning about how websites worked.

As a result I started building basic websites in straightforward old HTML. I took a Master’s Degree in photography in 2000, where I discovered that I was a reasonably competent writer as well as a photographer.

As a result, I began to write search engine friendly content for websites as well as providing photographs. With the advent of WordPress, I began building sites from templates that were slicker-looking than the old fashioned HTML table structure. For a short time, before search engine optimisation became dependent more on social media than a website’s own content, I would offer a ‘Page 1 of Google or it’s free’ guarantee.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer possible but I do still have a very good idea of how search engines work and how to produce content that works well in search results.

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How I Do It

With Panache!

toolsMy services are provided with a smile, with patience, with understanding, and always tempered with the tactful ability to advise clients if I feel that they’re asking to produce something that won’t make them look their best. If you want your website bright pink and green, you can have it that way, but I would probably advise you not to go down that route!

There’s just me, I answer my own phone, so there are no sing-song voiced receptionists making empty promises to pass on messages. I stick to deadlines and in 14 years, I haven’t let a client down yet!



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