I’m Tom Hill, a business copywriter with a variety of clients, I’m proud to be the lead copywriter for, a company that works mainly in the disruptive technology sector. But I don’t restrict myself to working only within the realms of tech startups, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and all those associated activities.  

I have provided WhitePapers for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), comprehensive business plans, software User Interface and User Experience (UI & UX) analyses, microcopy, user manuals, elevator pitches, video scripts, SEO friendly web content, privacy and cookie policies, press releases, social media posts and associated marketing collateral. All documents can be laid out with infographics either supplied by the client or sourced / created by me.

My record of publication since 2002 is quite extensive, from The Guardian newspaper in the UK to many websites and trade publications.


Unfortunately much of the documentation that I produce is commercially confidential so it is difficult to showcase content on this website for obvious reasons.

My portfolio of customers and services also extends to photography, graphic design, web hosting, and WordPress websites for small businesses.  I was also a commercial photographer (I have a Masters Degree in Photography) and I am still happy to take on photographic work if required, often as part of producing websites for a client. Some examples of photographs are available here from the link on the sidebar menu.

I pride myself on never missing a copy deadline, and always providing a healthy return on my client’s investment in my services.