British Journal of Photography Feature

This image was taken by The Frog in 1999 as part of a series of portraits of people who had attended his infant’s school, back in 1968. The colour is deliberately ‘cold’ and was scanned from a 16″ square EP2 paper  exhibition print.

This particular image was featured as a full page in the British Journal of Photography as a feature on the Photography Masters Degree course that The Frog was attending at the time.

Wedding Portrait

A friend asked me to photograph his wedding in about 2010, so I obliged.

I would add that I don’t usually photograph weddings, this was a favour, so please don’t ask! 🙂


Dental Nurse

This lady was a dental nurse at a practice in Derby.

I took the picture as a series of portraits of the staff at the practice, which has since been taken over.

Woman’s Weekly

Here is a photograph of my ex partner as featured in Woman’s Weekly as a feature about house sitting.

I took this photo in the garden of a villa in Valbonne whilst Lin and me were looking after the cute dog Frasier.

Derby Velodrome

© Derwent Living – kindly allowed to be featured here

A photograph taken whilst working at Derwent Living of the newly opened Derby Velodrome cycle track

Land Rovers

The Big Frog is something of a Land Rover enthusiast and got carried away with Photoshop one day!

Here is an interesting shot of my Defender 90 in the snow off-roading around a quarry in North Wales.