Saisha -Boardroom Intelligence from Big Data

Big Frog wrote the web content for the ‘Saisha’ website:

copywriting for business intelligence technology

Saisha is a new Artificial Intelligence bot that adds automation and intelligence to board meetings, making directors more effective and meetings more efficient. It uses Big Data for producing boardroom insights, suggestions, caveats and instantaneous competitor research. It’s like having a hundred specialised business consultants in your boardroom, omnipresent via the Saisha avatar.

NodeSwarm- The Decentralised Supercomputer

Big Frog wrote all the content for the NodeSwarm website, as well as many investor documents, a WhitePaper, press releases etc.

copywriting for decentralised supercomputing technologyNodeSwarm is an ecosystem designed to replace Data Centres by processing Data remotely via a network of Smart Sockets, each taking its power from being installed in homes and workplaces across the world.

Educational Technology Content

Big Frog wrote all the textual content of the website

and this summary few paragraphs of exactly what Soffos is all about:

copywriting of educational technology documents Soffos is a cloud-based, artificially intelligent ecosystem designed to help everyone in the entire world to reach their true potential through learning and education. Leaving aside the third world for a moment, even in developed countries, learning is denied to millions of people due to various barriers.

Geographical restrictions, time limitations, family and career commitments, lack of opportunity and even poor self-confidence can extinguish successful learning and achievement; notwithstanding those with good access to current teaching methods, who even then are falling behind their true potential due to the lack of technological advancement in modern schools and even universities.

By harnessing the immense internet connected power of AI, we are building an independent platform to unite potential and existing learners with teachers, mentors and resource providers on a truly global scale. Soffos will allow every learner to access learning at a pace and in a method that rewards and recognizes individual progress, thereby overcoming certain learning barriers at source.

Soffos’ technology will empower users to step away from the ancient ‘one teacher, one room, one chalkboard’ method that is just no longer appropriate in a world where technology can provide learners with so much more. Eventually, our aim is also for Soffos to prevent cyber bullying and pick up on emotional and peer-group problems that could evolve within the platform before they become significant.

Soffos will provide a conduit so hyper-efficient that it will operate in over 200 languages, translating text and voice in real time. Its algorithms will alter the content, presentation, pace and style of information and delivery dependent on each learner’s individual needs. The platform will work on any phone, laptop, desktop or tablet in any location where there is an internet connection. Cyprus or Siberia, London or Lagos, literally millions of people will be connected simultaneously, much like Facebook or Twitter.

Imagine a truly international, utterly democratic, wholly meritocratic, open learning system covering any subject imaginable, which enabled absolutely anyone, anywhere, especially those in developing countries, to access at least the basics for free. This will be done by using the collaboration of businesses, non-governmental organizations, the online social media communities as well as schools and educators.