Logo Creation

logo-creation-whiteCreating a logo from scratch is one of the most difficult challenges that a designer can attempt. However, it’s a little bit like playing roulette, as sometimes a client can absolutely fall in love with the first concept the designer produces, sometimes it can take hour after hour of tweaking before the feel of the brand is just right.

Take a look at some examples in the portfolio section.

This is why I start logo creation prices for as little as £75 and include unlimited revisions for up to a full day’s work after the basic concept is chosen. I use a process of asking searching questions of a client; one such important concept is: what do you *really* want to say about your brand,using fewer than 5 words, and to whom, ideally, would you like to say it?

Why not contact The Big Frog for a chat about a logo, you might discover something about your own business that will set you thinking…