What’s in a Name?

What’s with the Big Frog anyway!?

There was a time, in the mid ‘noughties’, when it was possible to perform extremely well in local Google searches, simply by having an appropriate domain name of a small business website. For example, it was better to be found on page one of Google for something like the search phrase ‘Car Repairs Northampton’, if indeed one’s car repair business was based in Northampton, than to be on page three of Google for the phrase ‘car repairs’ but anywhere in Great Britain.


So, ‘Big Frog Small Pond’ was all about being the biggest thing locally, not necessarily well known in a wider context; in effect, online business visibility in one’s immediate local domain. I don’t offer that service anymore (since Google got wise to how easy it was!)

But as the years progressed, the Big Frog became more adept at copywriting for a much wider audience, and the domain name is pretty cool, so I kept it.